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i'm interested to know if anyone who was on the wait list last year can fill us in on how it works?
- when did they start contacting people?
- how long did you have to reply?
- did they offer you random rooms? (or was it in the price range you requested)
- could you stay on the wait list if you wanted to try for a different room?
annnnd anything else you could think of being useful i'm sure we'd all appreciate it!

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Great questions that we were wondering ourselves! We too just got on the waiting list. Did they tell you what number you were on the waiting list?
i was waitlist #3894 last year. i got the call monday before the ship sailed and rose tours was offering my request (the cheapest room). i had to decline because i could not make arrangements for my 2 small children. also, i had booked my waitlist request with a co-cruiser, so she had the chance to get someone else to go with her and just pay for the name change. rose tours allowed me to call them back later that day with a final answer. and, of course, because it was so near to departure the full payment would have been billed to my credit card immediately. DON'T GIVE UP HOPE TIL THE BOAT LEAVES THE DOCK!!

I got a call about a week before the cruise last year. They had 2 room types to choose from (lower end price, but not cheapest). I had to answer immediately because it was so close to the date. Had to decline :( i'm on the waitlist again, but closer to top. I was FAR down the list last year, so a bunch of people got called. I think some started getting called after Nov, but most in the spring.
i was on he waitlist last year I got called about 2 weeks before the cruise.... i was # 2541 i was only able to choose the room i had put on the waitlist they may be able to have a couple of rooms to choose from... but I did go on the cruise and had a great time.... so just save ur money because u will get called.... i thought i wasnt to goin to get called and then i found myself on the boat... GOOD LUCK
thanks for the info guys! normally i'd want to hear back from rose tours asap but i'm leaving for europe tonight for the next three weeks and i'm worried i might lose my spot if i can't check email for a few days. hopefully they won't get to the wait list at all for a few weeks :)
im pretty hopeful that my roomie and i will get on knowing that last year SO MANY people were called!
I was waitlisted last a call 3 WEEKS LATER!!!!!!!!!!

1. DON"T GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. they will offer you the rooms they have avail....usually what you were trying to book (or cheaper).

GOODLUCK!!!!!!!!! :)
i was just on the cruise site and they had alot of room avaible
I was on the waitlist last year and got a call 2 weeks before the ship left.....I didn't think I'd get a call so I didn't have the time off from work or the money saved up. DON'T GIVE UP HOPE.......assume you are going and get everything in order!
can't even get to the part where you enter your credit card number ..if some one else has ...please let me know which suite

DdubSexySoldier said:

i was able to get doesn't say "SOLD OUT" next to a LOT of cabin unless they just haven't updated the site, it just means that people are still trying AND when you get to the point of putting in your credit card #'s, it holds the cabin for 15 minutes!!!! So....KEEP TRYING i guess...
lol i thought i deleted that before anyone replied....

well anyways, i take it back..i think they just didn't fully update yet....who know...

GOODLUCK to anyone on the waitlist! And if you're not on the boat, GET ON THE WAITLIST AND DON"T GIVE UP! :)
I was on the wait list last year #2520 I got a call sometime between the last week of March and 1st or 2nd week of April (can't remember exact week) All I know is that it was 2 days after I got back from another cruise.... because I had given up hope and took my cruise money elsewhere :( So keep saving your money and don't give up hope! She gave us a day or 2 to get back to her. She had at the time I think 2 different category rooms available that she offered us. I know someone else who got on the boat @ 2-3 weeks before it sailed... I am wait listed AGAIN # 3976 got on the list @ 4:57pm EST

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